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"The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online is now live on mobile as Ragnarok Origin!Immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and extraordinary characters. Explore massive landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and dreadful dungeons with your pets and pals!===Highlighted Features=== -A life of adventure in a land full of dangers and wonders; -Fully overhauled high-quality, anime-style graphics; -Fully customizable character builds that cater to different play styles; -Distinctive characters, deep narrative, and extensive lore; -A beautiful world to be explored and ventured into;===Unlimited Character Customization=== -Upgrade and enchant your weapons, armor, cards, and many more to refine your build; -Customize the skills on your skill bar to get prepared for different encounters; -Switch among different Jobs at your will;===Epic Fantasy Journey=== -Discover mysterious locations and secrets hidden in a detailed world; -Choose your path and embark on unique missions, events, and daily quests; -Collect, train, and evolve mercenaries and pets to fight by your side; -Meet friends and defeat powerful foes together;===Fast-paced Action Combats=== -Hundreds of items and skills with amazing animations and visual effects; -Optimized controls allow swift response to changing battlefield conditions; -Fight for glory in arenas and battlegrounds; -Plan battle strategies, learn new techniques, and prepare potions for battles;===Immersive Social Features=== -Adventure with your friends in real life or strangers you just met! Enjoy unique dungeons, challenges, and stories together! -Everyone plays an important role in the group. Tank, DPS, or Support? Which role will you take to make your team unstoppable? -Enjoy guild feasts, guild matches, and guild vs. guild tournaments with your guild mates!===Make Yourself Shine=== -Show off your style with hundreds of outfits, hats, and accessories to choose from; -Use the Wardrobe system to get dressed anytime, anywhere;===A Beautiful World=== -Feast your eyes on the open world with vibrant, high-definition graphics; -Enchanting BGM in each area to set the mood; -Every detail, from lighting to sound effects, from the environment to climate, is brought to life!

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